Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slowing down...

...at least for now.  I still can't figure out how I got from there to here, but I'm in one piece.  And yesterday's mistakes all got fixed, and they had the bread, and the nice man from down the street gave me a good price, and he could relate.  And I only had to go to the albatross for a few minutes today, escaping with a cup of tea to nurse my food hangover.  A word of advice:  if you're at a fancy restaurant, make a joke about turning 74.  They will send you cake.  Brown butter brown sugar cake with the season's first rhubarb and ricotta ice cream.  Throw your special needs diet out the window and eat it, and get a Williams pear brandy too, because they pair so nicely and you're finally old enough to appreciate it.  

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