Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here It Is

The most impossibly artisan/locavore breakfast ever. It kind of makes me sick that I even ate my own apartment no less. Alright, not food poisoning sick, but like, "gag me" sick. That said, it was incredibly delicious. And artisan. And as local as it gets. How annoying, right?
It's all because of two things. One, that I have taken on way more responsibility than I probably should be trusted with, therefore becoming the most popular girl in the world for about one week. I mean, people are coming out of the woodwork man! And giving me their artisan shit! So I'll buy it from them, yes, but still, the samples are free and plentiful. I will have you know though, that I do share.
And two, because I have decided that this is the year that I learn how to cut up fish. Of course I thanked the noble steelhead (caught by Native Americans just off of Bainbridge Island. Duh.) for the life it was giving me, and yes, I also swore a blue streak (S says I am getting more crass by the day) at the noble creature for not giving up it's huge scales in a timely manner. That fish made me work for it, and how could I blame it? And so, dear friends, I give you:
Native Caught Steelhead Salmon Cheek "Chops" with Braised Winter Greens That We Picked On the Farm with Adorable Three-Year-Old Twins, Green Olive and Rosemary Boule That The Nice Man From Down the Street Brought to Me in a Lovely Paper Bag, and Mark's Eggs from His Chickens Who Roam Free Just Like the Ones in the Great Chicken Escape by Nikki McClure.
Yea, I know. Disgusting.
But the best part was getting to eat this impossibly artisan breakfast with my dearest friend whilst drinking french press coffee (also totally artisan, and free trade, because I'm better than you) and feeling like I had a life, if just for a moment. And we played Bananagrams.

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